Be Part of ISLES’s Growth!

ISLES is growing, be part of this growth!

ISLES is a metaverse project led by the Soulofox’s core team and other team members with broader expertises brought onboard to further strengthen the overall team’s capabilities.

Key Facts about Soulofox

  • 2,222 unique Fox NFTs with over 10,000 different attributes
  • Sold out in 1 hours.
  • Current Floor Price: 3.2 SOL (Mint price: 1 SOL)
  • Current community size of more than 15,000! and growing!

In an effort to meet our growing demand and challenging roadmap, ISLES is on the market to raise funds. The funds raised will be used primarily to grow our team to expand our engineering talent, grow and strengthen our collaboration with NFT partners, and double down to increase ISLES community globally to strengthen our position in the metaverse ecosystem.

Fund Raising Key Information

Round: Pre-Seed
Duration: 6 months
(funding round will be closed upon raising the target amount)
Target Amount to Raise: USD 500,000(minimum)
Funding Key Purposes:

  • Expand Our Engineering Team
  • Grow Our NFT Partners Collaboration
  • Grow ISLES Community Globally

ISLES Introduction

ISLES is a fully customised social Metaverse. With a Central Isle, the ISLES ecosystem will anchor on isles co-developed with other NFT partners. Each partner isle will be a unique design specific for the NFT partner, leveraging the NFT communities creating an ever-expanding Isles ecosystem and communities.


To Connect the World’s NFT Communities Together


To support in building the infrastructure backbone enabling a plug-in-and-play approach for other NFT communities, forming a universal social metaverse ecosystem for all NFT communities.

Partnership x Interoperability

ISLES’s strategy focuses on two key elements — Partnership and Interoperability


Through partnering with other NFT projects anchoring on their broad and diverse communities to expand the ISLES ecosystem, and pushing ISLES to much more than just social, but also work and play.

Partnership not only contribute to rapid scaling and expansion of ISLES ecosystem, but also substantially add additional values to the respective NFT communities including technical collaboration to mature the metaverse technical foundation and providing a platform for new NFT projects to launch easily increasing success, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Our current partners include Turtles, Pesky Penguin, Rude Golems, Ninja Protocol, Yawww and Monkey Baby Business (more to come).


With partnerships often time come incompatibility risks which deteriorate user experience. To ensure a seamless user experience in the ISLES metaverse for all communities, our focus is to enable and enhance interoperability by weaving together the NFT communities seamlessly through plug-in-and-play integration within the ISLES ecosystem.

ISLES Tokenomics

Soulocoin will serve as the Utility Token in ISLES. Soulocoin will be the global currency but tokens from our NFT Partners in ISLES ecosystem can also be used as a currency for transactions.

Soulocoin Token — Utility Token

Soulocoin token will serve as the utility token in ISLES metaverse. Soulocoin token will not be the only accepted token but all other utility tokens from partner NFT projects will be able to be used as a utility token in ISLES metaverse. Soulocoin, along with other utility tokens from NFT partners will be the key currencies for all in-game activities and services. The unlocking of Soulocoin tokens will be based on ISLES community growth.

Token Type: Utility

Total Supply in ISLES: 500 millions tokens

Soulocoin Token Allocation

For more detailed information about ISLES, please refer to a copy of our Pitch Deck and ISLES Mechanism.

Interested to invest, please reach out at






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