Soulofox x Visionary Studio — the Great Alliance

Hi all, Simon from Soulofox here! It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an update here. Things have been going fast and (not) messy here from our Soulofox team grinding through to push out more game features for our Gen0 NFT holders and utilities for our $SOULO.

Just 2 days ago, we had an important announcement — Soulofox x Visionary Studio Alliance! **excited applause**

The Great Alliance — Soulofox x Visionary Studio

So, the key question now is what this Great Alliance means to us as Soulofox, and to you as the loyal holders of Soulofox NFTs?

For Soulofox team, this alliance is a form of strategic partnership to expand and strengthen our footprint in the NFT environment. The Vision is to leverage strengths and competitive expertise of Visionary Studio to solidify Soulofox’s position in the Solana blockchain environment, which translates into three key strategic initiatives, including:

  • Technology Sharing

Through this alliance Soulofox Studio will provide technical assistance using our pool of technologies developed to other projects that come under Visionary Studio umbrella. Further strengthening and reinforcing Soulofox Studio’s technical leadership position in the blockchain environment.

  • Strategic Connections and Advisory

A key member from Visionary Studio, Jagoe will act as a key advisor to Soulofox bringing with him his valuable experiences to provide strategic advices. Two key partners from Soulofox Studio will also be appointed to Visionary Studio advisory team providing technical support and strategic inputs.

  • Marketing Guidance

One of the key expertise from Visionary Studio is marketing strategy. Resources sharing through this alliance allows Soulofox Studio to tap into the pool of marketing resources and tools to expand the reach of Soulofox brand further and beyond.

So, what have changed?

A key change which is effective immediately is the increase of our royalty on secondary sales from 3% — 11.11%. While we were at the metadata change, we’ve also added rarity to each Gen0!

For our loyal Gen0 holders, this alliance means one and only thing — growth in VALUES! Values are always the promise we made to ya’ll since Day 1, and will continue to be. Not only the utilities that we are delivering consistently, but the true VALUE of being part of SOULOverse and the proud identity to be a Foxian!

Peace out!

Build the SOULOverse with us by joining our #Soulofox community!






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